About Us

What we do

At JRD, excellence is non-negotiable in every aspect of the business process. Superior quality of performance is critical to our business growth and success. We constantly strive to exceed all expectations: be it internal or external.

Our actions are determined by fairness; we shall be fair to our customers, vendors, shareholders, all our business partners and society at large. Fairness, for us at JRD, is not just sticking to the letter of the law or the contract but appreciating its spirit and basing all our actions on being fair to the spirit of that understanding.

our mission

We aim to become a world class organization delivering sustainable highest quality of products and services. Through our genuine endeavors, we seek to delight our customers, employees, stakeholders, and the society.

Business Operations

Business operations is lead by Mr. Rajesh Singh : Textile Graduate & MBA in Marketing from Nirma Institute of Management with more than 26 years of Experience and proven track record in Textiles Business (Fabric- Apparels). In Past he has served Textile Majors like Arvind , Ashima , Welspun His key focus is in meeting Customer Product & Quality requirement ,works to make customer delight with JRD Product & Services . He is leading Team of Business Operations Professionals at JRD Denims.

JRD Directors Profile

Mr. Abhishek Dalmia

"A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them." - Steve Jobs

A true believer of teamwork and marketing enthusiast Mr. Abhishek Dalmia serves on JRD Denim's Board of Directors. He constantly work towards inventing the revolutionary marketing schemes to take this wonderful product to the buyer. With the immense faith and willingness to take his product forward, Mr. Abhishek Dalmia designs the best possible marketing strategies to dominate in the Denim Fabric Industry.

After enriching his management skills from the United Kingdom he decided to dive into the world of fabric manufacturing. Though his love for management never faded away. He performs valiantly to meet the objectives of this firm and never fails to meet the expectations. As the CEO of the company, he wants his people to combine their passion and technical expertise in manufacturing the best quality of Denim Fabrics the world has ever seen.

Mr. Alpesh Vimalchand Ranka

Being a devotee of the textile industry Mr. Alpesh has always desired to deliver the high-quality denim fabrics. He has completed Business Management from the Bombay University and has the experience of 20 Years in this field. He has never compromised in delivering the finest fabric possible. Knowing the versatility of Denim fabrics he is adamant to deliver the standard product which satisfies the buyers. In the pursuit of supplying assorted denim range to purchasers, he has helped in numerous businesses for the sake of developing featherly fabric for consumers.

He wants his products to cover the distance and become the rage in the country. To conserve the quality of the material and to manage the delivery of mass fabrics, his calm and cool has always helped him in maintaining the merit of his product. Being the experienced person of the lot he envisions the probabilities of complications in business environment.

Ms. Sneh Dalmia

"Fashions fade, Style is eternal." - Yves Saint Laurent

The fashionista of JRD Denims has mastered Fashion & Jewelry Designing. She has been working in Fashion industry for a quite long time and has designed costumes for several celebrities. Her experience as a Fashion & Jewelry Designer in parallel cinema allows JRD Denims to be bold in its philosophy for fashion. She has the deep understanding for the textile industry as well. Her mastery in fashion befits the enterprise. She has always preferred to inspire her team through her influential styling which will delineate the success of JRD Denims in future.

Ms. Sneh Dalmia as Board of Directors is very striking and self-assured personality who believes in this company's agenda entirely. Her recommendations prove to be the most imaginative ideas to take this enterprise forward. Fabric is associated to fashion and being in the fashion industry it's important to be constantly relevant to the latest trends. Ms. Sneh Dalmia keeps everyone sure-footed about the distinction of their outcome.

Mr. Mayur Ranka

"Teamwork divides the task & multiplies the success."

Mr. Mayurbhai Ranka is visionary of this ongoing firm. He has pursued the Business Management degree from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat. Having the 12 years of experience in textile industry helps him building JRD Denims Limited a prominent brand in the field of Denim fabric. He is very pragmatic about the fabric they develop. His enthusiasm and active participation is an inspiration for all the team members. He would love to see this brand going places all over the world.

Mr. Mayurbhai Ranka is also the director of Vonk Lighting Solutions Pvt Ltd. He has the great skills in tackling the staff's difficulties. He keeps challenging the staff and push their boundaries to get the desired result. He handles every challenging situation with dignity and simplifies it for the staff. He is a true team player and motivates every member of the team to give their best for the company.

Mr. Mahavirprasad Sumerchand Jain

He is the veteran of JRD Denims Limited as he has an experience of more than 40 years in the Textile industry. Throughout these years he has managed to expand several textile manufacturing companies and he has also established Vitrag Group Of Industries which is renowned name in Textiles. He is an insightful mind who loves to vanquish all the difficulties and emerges as the winner. His presence lifts this firm and gives the confidence to be the brightest spot in Denim fabric companies.

Everything seems different from the eyes of an expert, they provide the best possible insights to the colleagues and can predict the challenges earlier then it actually occurs. Being an expert his advices always take company forward. Being an experienced person he can lead the team to numerous places. He wanted to create an exceptional product for the customers and that's why He associated with JRD Denims Limited.

Mr. Hitesh Mahavirprasad Jain

"Strategies is about making choices, Trade-Offs, It's about deliberately choosing to be different." - Michael Porter

Being the core strategist of this company, Mr. Hitesh Jain deliberates every move of this firm. He has 12 years of experience in textile industry. His presence as Managing Director includes envisioning Continuous Product Development and administration functions of the company. He leads to resolve the issues regarding manufacturing technologies and machinery and guides every team member to achieve supreme fabric products.

Mr. Hitesh Jain completed his Business Management course from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat. He is also a director of Vitrag Group of Industries which assists him to make right decisions for JRD Denims Limited. Mr. Hitesh Jain smartly organizes the tasks to be achieved by the workforce and strategizes every possible outcome. He is the backbone of JRD Denims and his analysis helps the enterprise to keep introducing finest fabric in the nation.