Plant & Product

Plant Capability

JRD Denims has put up the state-of-the-art facilities equipped with Plant & Machinery from renowned Machinery Suppliers worldwide, with a 20 Millions meter per annum Plant Capacity.

  • •   Slasher Dyeing Range which can take up high shade depth dyeing from Count 6s to 40s
  • •   Tsudakoma ZAX 9200 Wider Width
  • •   Desize , Mercerising , Coating , Overdyeing & Finishing Range
  • •   State of art Physical , Chemical testing & Quality Laborartory
  • •   Fully developed Total Quality Management & Process systems
  • •   Dedicated Product & Innovation cell & Facility
  • •   Full Fledged Garmenting for sampling
  • •   Hi tech Automatic controlled Washing Facility
  • •   Sustainable Treatment Equipment & Facilities

We manage the complete Supply chain from yarn to finished product. Our Key strengths being Total Quality Management System, Product Development & Technical services with customer centric approach This gives an leading competitive advantage in meeting all the customer requirement in quickest time and to the satisfaction.


  • •   JRD denims is engaged in manufacturing denim fabric ranging from 4 oz to 15 oz in all cotton & Polyster blends single & 2 ply yarn.
  • •   With Speciality fibers Modal, Tencil , Viscose , Linen, Silk etc.
  • •   Indigo Fabrics in all possible Indigo, Sulphur & Pigment Shades
  • •  Products with Plain Weave, Twills, Satin, Dobbies and Structures with all the best of in finishing technologies & Textures.
  • •  Products for all customer segment like Denims, Fashion wear, Work – wear and Sports.

Innovation & Product development

Innovations and New Product offerings are key focus area at JRD. We try to understand customer requirement both stated and implied and make the product matching requirement to their delight.

Our innovation strategy is , we constantly work to improve Product offering from all aspect i.e we take 360 degree view of our product offering - along with product attributes we focus on Entire Supply Chain, Manufacturing Processes & Systems, Packaging and all other areas wherever we can delight the customer with our proactive approach and meaningful solutions.

Team of Highly Qualified Engineers, Design team and Marketing team diligently works round the clock on new ideas and innovation so as to offer over all Value in terms of Product and Services to End Customer.

Innovation & Production Development Team Actively and continuously works on New Fibers , New Weaves, Long lasting product performance, Handfeel , Newer shades ,New Finishes , Moisture management & Thermal regulatory properties, this is by understanding market development information where we operate in terms of what is new, what is exciting, what is futuristic and what will add value to customer.

This helps us to constantly revisit and improve our product, processes, systems and services to make them better. By this way we constantly improve our product offering and services.. We at JRD strive to make better tomorrow than today.

Quality Assurance

Spinning Lab :

It is a fully equipped and computerized lab to analyze any type of yarn with respect to count, Strength , Length, twist, Contamination, Appearance etc. Cotton and Yarn , purchased from a local supplier or imported, is first tested in our labs. The cotton & Yarn that passes our selection standard are only used for other processes.

Denim fabric Inspection :

Each meter of fabric is precisely checked from each finish batch in our Inspection Machines on 4 Point Quality Standard . All Fabric parameters are extensively monitored and controlled e.g. warp and weft shrinkage , width, skew, tear and tensile strength, fabric PH, dry and wet crocking, stretch growth and recovery.

Chemical lab :

We closely check all incoming chemical with respect to STD. Parameter of committed by the chemical suppler for each chemical. Chemical store in charge issue chemical only after approval.

Manufacturing Facilities


JRD Have world class High Speed Warping facilities in separate Conditioned Room with fully computer control and PLC base high speed machine with photo optical stop motions, safety guards, fluff protector, fluff suction and traveller cleaner.


At JRD denims We have fully mastered the Skills and intricacies of Precise Dyeing Indigo blue Threads in Continuous state of Art Dyeing Range ,thereby making Blue Denim Fashion Story which excites our customers in all marketable Fabric Shades. JRD Denim has a highly skilled and efficient team of technician and latest technological Slasher/sheet dyeing machine.


At JRD DENIMS – Art of Thread interlacement is seen at the best on High Speed Shuttle less Wider width Weaving Machine. On Japanese State of Art Technology we make Defect Free Dream Fabric meeting both Cost and Quality need of customer on time. Highly sophisticated weaving mechanism which produces exceptional fabric strength, tension and texture is made look easy by High Skilled Technicians.

JRD denims is trusted Internationally to deliver the consistently high quality, Innovative Products delivered with Excellent Services giving creative edge to differentiate Final Garments & Apparel in the fiercely competitive and demanding world of fashion ,thereby giving High Value to the End Customers.

Committed technicians control the machines and Process through Stringent Process control and Online system that assures Best Quality Fabric . Utmost importance and care is taken to maintain consistent shade and other quality Parameters for every denim lot day after day.

fabric Processing

JRD Denims have modern world class technology and machinery in fabric Process department. All the machinery are fully automated PLC Based control delivering Consistent Quality Finishes and Fabric Parameters. Continues Finishing Machine Ranges are high speed and with full safety features – they are DE sizing cum Over dye range , mercerizing range , Fabric Stenter , Singeing and Wet Finishing.

Inspection and packing